I’m a product design & build leader, currently at West Monroe.

With nearly three decades of experience in the industry, I lead talented teams of software makers in designing, building, and shipping valuable products, efficiently. My approach — a unique blend of creativity and collaboration — transforms product organizations into industry leaders.

After studying architecture at UC Berkeley, I worked as a drafter at an architecture firm. My career evolved from designing buildings to designing video games, then on to designing and building web platforms at IDG, before I co-founded the consulting firm Fire Engine Red in 1997. A common thread throughout has been working at the intersection of design and engineering: where desirability and feasibility meet.

Before my current role at West Monroe, I was a Partner and VP of Design at Carbon Five, where I helped build and lead a dynamic team of almost 100 software engineers, designers, and product folks. Among my many roles included founding our design discipline, engaging new clients, and nurturing our firm’s marketing function. As a trusted advisor, I built lasting friendships with clients, co-workers, and the community, while we built and shipped innovative web and mobile products.

Outside work hours, I enjoy spending time with my family and playing Dungeons & Dragons, blending creative storytelling with collaborative play. I’m always open to connecting with people—recent graduates, career transitioners, and seasoned professionals alike—to explore new ideas at the intersection of design and engineering.

Speaking Engagements

  • Agile Alliance: Design Thinking Bootcamp
  • Museums on the Web: Agile Games
  • Design Week Chattanooga: Design Thinking Bootcamp
  • UC Berkeley RGB: On Consulting
  • Autodesk Sum of the Parts: Faster Horses, Flying Cars
  • Media Camp: Lean UX Workshop
  • First Round Capital: Lean UX Workshop
  • Engineyard Distill: Designing with Engineers
  • Mulesoft Summit: Agile Design
  • Lean UX SF at Thoughtworks: Experience Mapping

Teaching & Volunteering

  • Drawbridge: Art Docent
  • USC: Guest Lecturer
  • CCA: C5 Internship Program Lead
  • Stanford Continuing Studies: Lecturer
  • AmeriCorps: Tutor

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